La Boulangerie des Gourmets

Authentic premium frozen bakery and ready to bake products

We are a team of professionals selecting and bringing you the latest innovation and the very best of the European Indulgence (Sweet & Savory and anything in between).
Our priority is to educate you on our products and help you understand the added value of our selection.

Bakery solutions for In-Store Bakeries, Food Service, Industrial

Our bakery products range is created for professionals like Retailers, Cash & Carry Stores, National Coffee Chains, etc. We have selected for you the best authentic pastries and cakes. Offering our customers the correct packaging and proper education on the best ways to appreciate them.

See or download our pamphlet online

See or download our pamphlet online:



Find everything you need to know about our range of bakery products and cakes

La Boulangerie des Gourmets Products come with the adapted processes, recipes and support to gain new customers, increase your sales, and promote reactivity in your stores.

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